About J&C

What Makes Us Different?

So many recruitment companies say the same old thing...

... and let's be honest - we all use the same tools. It is our people that set us apart. We're still expanding and we're still hiring after 23 years because of the service our people give to you.

We are, of course, APSCO members.

Read about Our Values and, if you would like to be part of J&C's continued success, here's what sets us apart...

Our History

We are IT Recruitment specialists.

J&C's roots are in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Information Management. This is where it all began for us back in 1996 and while we still retain a strong presence in this market, today our services span the entire IT sector across virtually every technology along with UX and Digital.


Our Competitive Edge

We are always studying the market for new trends and technologies.

We stay ahead of the competition by providing our clients with the resources they need exactly when they need them, and providing our candidates with the exciting roles they crave.


Our Clients

We've developed close relationships with IT businesses worldwide.

We work with software vendors, systems integrators, MSPs, consultancies and corporate end users. Clients include global businesses, high growth fintech companies, blue-chips, SMEs and start-ups. That said, we do not pretend to work with every client under the sun. In fact we are proud to say that we don't. This allows us to provide a genuine focus and a genuinely flexible and tailored approach to each organisation. 

This is why our clients work with us once and then keep coming back time and time again.


Why not get in touch today and find out what it's like having J&C Associates working for you? 


Our Candidates

We have an extremely comprehensive candidate database...

...and we are always adding to it. Technology is constantly evolving, and this keeps us on our toes and in touch with the best talent that the market has to offer.


Our Global Network 

Since becoming part of a global recruitment leader, we have been able to extend our services worldwide.

Still headquartered in London but now with offices across Europe, the US and APAC we are able to deliver more services more quickly.

Please visit our client services page for more information


Paying your staff what they are worth is more important than ever. They say that if you pay peanuts you will get monkeys. Why not talk to one of our experts and discover the true value of your current and future staff?

Charles Carnall, MD