We partner with Organisational Leaders, HR, Strategic Sourcing and MSP Program Managers to achieve superior service delivery and exceptional results. We currently work with some of the world's best MSPs and have won awards for our delivery.

We help our MSP partners to manage costs while improving efficiency and of course offer 100% compliance globally.

We can help build talent acquisition strategies and have a proven model for supporting large-scale, enterprise-wide initiatives.

This can be supported by our unique video interviewing platform, which means you never have to interview any candidate that hasn't already been pre-vetted by an independent SME.

Our work with MSPs now accounts for over 80% of our business and this is growing every day.
We can guarantee results because we are experts in making this model successful both for you and your clients.

Understanding the MSP model and partnering with MSPs to achieve a seamless supply chain is where J&C excel.

We understand the pressure you are under to manage your client's contingent workforce programme, that you have to report and track, that you have to manage large work orders and consolidate billing.

We have built robust systems and processes to support you at every step of the way.

And to-boot, we have already integrated a number of Vendor Management Systems with our own CRM so that vacancies arrive in real-time and are immediately allocated to the team.

Our operations are streamlined so that we optimise success for all parties.


Growth & Scalability

With offices across the globe, we understand the challenges faced in different markets and which talent acquisition strategy works best in each location.

We can scale operations to support large enterprises with dedicated teams, just as we can support SMEs.

We can utilise our global teams to provide 24/7 coverage so that we are always available to ensure delivery.



Compliance has never been more important and understanding the challenges of compliance across different geographies is absolutely critical. And that is why our global teams can help, because they have a local footprint with local knowledge and local understanding.

Whether it is in EMEA (Brexit, IR35 or Dutch Labour Laws), the US (differing regulations in different States) or AsiaPac, we can help and we can guarantee compliant solutions with a compliant workforce.

As part of our on-boarding process, a worker cannot start until all our checks have been completed and verified.



We have been working with MSPs for years and have honed and refined our working practices to ensure that any SLA can not only be met but exceeded.

We understand not only the urgency but also the need to ensure that quality does not suffer. Our teams are driven by the Resourcing Manager, CVs are cross-checked by a Recruitment Manager and only uploaded by the Account Managers who liaise with the MSP as the single point of contact.

Similarly, our finance team is on hand to answer any and all queries relating to invoicing or consolidated billing.


Data Driven

Because we are able to integrate most Vendor Management Systems with our own CRM, we are constantly monitoring and checking that all requests are responded to within the SLA (normally within the hour), that CVs are submitted on time (normally within 24-48 hours) and that the process of interviews to offers to hires is managed in accordance with client demands.

We check and monitor this data daily and if there is any slippage, then we correct it within 24 hours.

Not all recruitment companies can offer the level of support and delivery that we know we can.

Through our years of working on MSP programmes, we can consistently build and grow in line with your needs and this truly separates us from the competition.


Getting in touch

Please contact one of our Directors to discuss how we can support you.


The world of recruitment is forever evolving but through our use of the latest technology and the way in which we manage data, we remain at the forefront in the war for talent.

Charles Carnall, MD