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Tips & Advice for Video Interviews


During the pandemic, clients have turned to video interviewing to accelerate the interview process. While video calls are a great way to communicate with friends and family, it is quite another thing to use it for an interview.

All the usual interview rules apply (we've separate tips on going the extra mile to impress your interviewer), but you have some extra things to think about too. So here is some advice that may help if you get offered an interview via Teams, Zoom or Skype.

Before the interview

Check your connection and camera

Test your connection before the interview by talking to a friend and make sure the connection is consistent and not dropping in and out. Also make sure that your friend can see you clearly!

Find out in advance if there is any issue and correct it. You do not want to be upsetting the interviewer with a bad line, while balancing the camera on the end of your foot!

Wherever possible avoid holding any device in your hand. It should be on a stable surface and not moving around.

Keep your personal email address or Skype account professional

'MightyMike', 'LovedupLuke' or 'SaucySandra' won’t help you get the job.

Do your homework

Do not rely on prompts and your CV to be at hand just because you are at home. Be prepared. If you absolutely have to, then pin a few key facts to the wall directly behind the camera - not on the floor or on the table.

Still dress to impress

That means wearing business attire - and don’t think that means the top half only. We have a well-documented account of the person who only got half dressed...

Avoid interruptions from people - and animals

Wherever you may be (hopefully at home) make sure anyone around knows not to interrupt you or barge into the room. This could be a life-changing moment so do not leave it to chance. This includes ensuring any pets are well fed and watered and out of the room.

Switch your phone off and leave it in another room

You want it out of sight and out of mind for you and your interviewer

Think about what the person looking at you will see

Are there any dodgy pictures on the wall? Is the room tidy? Is there any incriminating evidence? Your environment will consciously or subconsciously influence the interviewer’s impression of you.

During the interview

Close all your other programs

Do close everything else that is running. You do not want unwanted alerts flashing up from Facebook and suddenly find yourself grabbing the mouse to delete the expletive-filled message from your friends down the pub. This is an interview: you have to think of yourself sitting in their office.

Focus on the camera

Just as you would in a 'normal' interview, you should maintain eye contact. While this is harder on a video call it is essential, so remember to stay focused on the camera and NOT on the screen.

Body language

You are in an interview - a face-to-face interview - so maintain your body posture accordingly. On camera the interviewer will actually notice even more than they would face-to-face, so your every movement is accentuated.

At the end of the interview

Always thanks the interviewer for their time and always let them know that you are genuinely interested in the role. And don't forget to follow up properly!

Please call us if you want to discuss more interview tips: we are here to help and consult.

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