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2018 Review of the Year


As always at the end of a calendar year, a few of us gather to reflect on what has happened, it's by no means definitive and feel free to add your own

  • 12 boys and their football coach rescued from a cave in Thailand after 9 days without food and water
  • Jamal Khashoggi’s murder inside his country’s consulate in Turkey
  • The Royal Wedding and specifically let’s not forget Bishop Michael Curry! Yes he did the steal the show
  • The World Cup - well we did make the semis!
  • Hurricanes, floods, wildfires...but apparently there are still those that believe we (the human race) are not to blame for any of it...
  • Speaking of which, Trump triggered a trade war with China, fired or lost more staff than any other President in his current time in office and seemed to fall both in and out of love with, well, most people
  • We lost Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, Avicii who was only 28, Stephen Hawking, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha (the owner of Leicester City), Philip Roth (read Portnous Complaint), Nancy Sinatra Snr, Neil Simon, William Goldman, George Bush and Nancy,
  • Remember Michael Rotondo? His parents took him to court to have him evicted from their house! Well he was 30!!
  • What about Stormy Daniels who is having a her little spat with Donald Trump. Is that story actually over?
  • Lady Gaga turning in an amazing performance in A Star is Born
  • Brett Kavanagh vs Dr Christine Blassey Ford
  • Don Gronske? Who? Well he has apparently eaten around 30,000 Big Macs over the last 46 years.
  • Michihito Matsuda? Who? Well Michihito is a robot who ran for mayor in Tokyo’s Tama city and even got 4000 votes.
  • Scientists in Manchester apparently trained a spider to jump on command. I’m sure we’re still tying to cure one or two killer diseases but I’m also sure they had some fun!
  • The Beast from the East - we just love a bit of a weather story in Old Blighty.
  • The last male white rhinoceros died.
  • The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data scandal.
  • Kim Jong Un crossed the border to meet South Korean President Moon Jae-in. The first time this has happened since 1953. He also met Trump.
  • Saudi Arabia allowed women to drive. And India decriminalised homosexuality. And it’s only 2018!
  • Water was discovered on Mars.
  • The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge opened and is the world’s longest...34.2 miles
  • Angela Merkel will stand down in 2021
  • Theresa May and the continuing saga that is Brexit
  • Jeremy Corbyn trying to deny he called Theresa May a “stupid woman”

There are many more that didn't make the final cut, not least that J&C is on target to have its best year ever.

Here's to an amazing 2019


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