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New Year, New Career? Then Avoid Common Spelling Mistakes in Your New CV!


So many people will be finishing up the year and thinking about pocketing their bonus, starting afresh, and stepping onto the next rung of the career ladder.

Alas, many won’t make it to interview as their CV will let them down; not because they don’t have the right skills, but because their CV is littered with spelling mistakes or even has a glaring error in the opening sentence! Yes the opening sentence!

And to be honest, given that we all have spellchecker... it is actually unforgivable!

Like you, hiring managers are busy people and if you cannot be bothered to spellcheck your own CV, then what does it say about you as a prospective employee!

Check it, spellcheck it, check it again and spellcheck it again and if you have someone you trust then get someone else to check it as well.

Happy CV writeing, no righting, no wrighting, help... oh yes - writing!

Here is a list of some of the more common words that are regularly misspelt or misspelled!

  • Achieve  - i before e
  • Affect vs effect   https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/usage/affect-or-effect
  • Believe – i before e
  • Business – say no more…
  • Completely – ends ely
  • 'Definitely'  no A in definitely
  • Disappear  one s two ps
  • Disappoint one s two Ps
  • Ensure vs insure
  • Environment  - yes n…m 
  • Government – yes n…m
  • Immediately – ends ely
  • Implement – they only i in implement is at the beginning
  • Independent   ends ent and not ant 
  • Knowledge  - it has a d in it
  • Liaise --- remember the second i
  • Necessary  one c and two s’s
  • Occasion – two cs and one s
  • Occurred two cs and two rs
  • Successful two cs and two s’s
  • Tomorrow one m and two rs
  • There, their and they’re  - learn this http://www.dictionary.com/e/their-there-theyre/
  • Unfortunately – end ely

And really? Yes really! Not realy!

Once you have mastered spellchecking, please make sure your CV is no more than four pages long (nobody reading your CV will get past page four and if you cannot summarize your career in four pages, then most employers will consign you to the bin).

We've more CV advice here.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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