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A Few Truly Bizarre Interview Stories


A few truly bizarre interview stories...

1. PASS OUT - The candidate started the interview by informing the interviewers that there was a strong chance that he would pass out during the interview but not to worry, they should simply dial the emergency number in his contacts!


2. HEADBANGER - At the end of an intense 90 minute interview the Director rose to shake her hand and told her she had the job. Unfortunately she had been sitting cross legged for the whole 90 minutes, pins and needles took hold and as she went to stand up, her legs buckled and she crashed head first onto the table. She still got the job!


3. PUNCH HIM - The candidate was becoming increasingly agitated by the questions being asked of him, eventually telling the interviewer to only ask him questions he knew the answer to. The interviewer continued to do that, asking him questions relating to information on his CV. Sadly the candidate got so angry at not being able to answer the questions that he leapt over the table and punched the interviewer before making a hasty exit!


4. PUBIC HAIR - My friend went for an interview at an architectural firm. He prepared all his drawings, laying them out on his bedroom floor before carefully placing them into individual plastic sleeves in his portfolio. Midway through the interview he turned a page to reveal a long curly pubic hair stuck bang in the middle of the drawing. Nobody mentioned it but he wasn’t asked back for the second stage.


5. BUS FARE HOME - The candidate finished his interview and asked the interviewer if he could borrow some money for the bus fare home!


6. BEST LOOKING GUY - This candidate showed up late for an interview, hair slicked back and carrying his Costa Coffee. He rocked back and forth in his chair during the interview and when asked why he thought he was right for the job, he looked to the ceiling, ran his hand through his hair and said “I guess because I’m the best looking guy to apply”....strangely he didn’t get the job…



Interviewer: Tell me what you know about Unix?

Interviewee: Anything in particular about Unix?

Interviewer: Not really – but do you know it?

Interviewee: Sure

Interviewer: And what about networking?

Interviewee: Anything in particular about networking?

Interviewer: Not really – but do you know it?

Interviewee: Sure

Interviewer: Do you have any certifications?

Interviewee: Sure – any particular ones?

Interviewer: Look, I don’t know. My boss dumped this on me an hour ago and I don’t know anything about this stuff. Can you start next week?

Interviewee: Sure


8. BEST EXCUSE FOR RE-SCHEDULING? The front-runner for a senior role was running about 10 minutes late. Two board directors were growing impatient. The phone rang... ”Sorry! I know I’m late and I can only apologise but I need to re-schedule... my wife is ovulating!”


9. I'VE GOT A COLD - The interviewee with a chronic cold came armed with a box of tissues which he placed on the desk between him and the interviewer. Each time he blew his nose he would carefully place the tissues in a near perfect line on the table.


10. BEWARE PREDICTIVE TEXT - And finally... interview over and desperately excited about the job, the pro-active candidate emailed the director a few hours later to tell her how keen he was. Typing away on his mobile, he wrote “I can hardly contain my excitement about joining you and contributing to the future”... auto-correct turned that into “I can hardly contain my excrement about joining you and contributing to the future.”


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